Night Caps

Watch "Bridal Suite" by Dwayne Fulton, one of the 2012 episodes

Fun. Comical. A little naughty! Leave the kids at home! A newly-commissioned series of mini music dramas all set in bedrooms of the same hotel. Catch a signature Night Caps cocktail, a glass of wine and some cabaret on the patio before your Night Cap, a 15-minute finale of absolutely unique “grown-up” entertainment! New, different, edgy. Meet metro-opera!


Composers:  Daron Aric Hagen,  Gilda Lyons,  Roger Zahab, Eric Moe, Dwayne Fulton, and Alberto Garcia Demestres.
Librettist:  Rob Handel
World Premiere:   Pittsburgh - July 6, 2012


Kountz Black Box Theater, The Hillman Center for Performing Arts
423 Fox Chapel Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

All performances sung in English.


Valkyrie Suite

Gerhilde:   Sara Salas
Helmwige:   Brynn Terry
Waltraute:   Sofia Chew
Schwertleite:   Khary Wilson
Ortlinde:   Emily Sanchez
Siegrune:   Susan Thieme
Grimgerde:   Katherine Brandt
Rossweise:   Kathryn Wills
Betty:   Anne Fuchs
Miss Darlington:   Anna Singer
Rudy:   Natalie Naudus

Bridal Suite

Zelda:   Denise Sheffey-Powell
Maid of Honor:   Julia Turnbull
Kent:   Loren Battieste
Miss Darlington:   Anna Singer
Rudy:   Natalie Naudus
Chorus of Bridesmaids:   Caitlin Cisler, Sierra Porter, Sherly Sesay, Michala Williams, Angel Taylor, Judith Shropshire, Terri L. Smith, Anita Levels, Keisha Sheff

Special thanks to our singers from the Mt. Ararat Choir and CAPA, Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts

Presidential Suite

The President:   James Schindler
Agent Kim:   Rachael Marino
Winona:   Sarah Bauer
Miss Darlington:   Anna Singer
Rudy:   Natalie Naudus

I Hope the Moonlight Suite is Okay, We Recommend it When the Honeymoon Suite isn’t Available

Masha:   Gail Novak Mosites
Yasha:   Adrian Rosales
Miss Darlington:   Anna Singer
Rudy:   Natalie Naudus

George Washington Suite

Christina:   Evelyn Rossow
Grace:   Lauren K. Frey
George Washington:   Juan Pereira
Miss Darlington:   Anna Singer
Rudy:   Natalie Naudus
Trio of Young Men:   Amitabha Chakrabarti, Brandon Lockhart, Jared Ice

Honeymoon Suite

Fifi:   Rebecca Shorstein
Rodolfo:   William Andrews
Young Woman:   Meghan Scheibal
Foreman:   Stephen Webb
Miss Darlington:   Anna Singer
Rudy:   Natalie Naudus
Trio of Young Men:   Brandon Gauby, Jared Ice, Richard Block


Music Director: Rob Frankenberry
Stage Directors: Mo Zhou, Michelle Sutherland, Ximena Belgrano Rawson, Matty Sayre
Scenic Design: Sarah Stephens
Lighting Design: Cat Wilson
Costume Design: Mary Stein, Jamika Williams, Gina Cercone, Aubrey Hess, Blake Uretsky

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Photos by Amy Crawford and


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