Adopt a Singer

Put that spare room to good use!
Many of our extraordinary artists are coming to Pittsburgh from other cities around the country and the world, and need housing while in residence at SummerFest. By opening up your home to one or more of these singers or interns, you can provide a safe and comfortable home for an artist while also getting to know one of opera's stars of tomorrow!

The Merry Widow

You'll learn first-hand about the rigors of preparing for a new role, and your heart will soar when "your" artist steps forward to acknowledge the applause of opening night! This experience of getting to know one of our artists personally—out of make-up and costume—is a rewarding one which will stay with you forever. You may also be able to receive a tax deduction for hosting an artist.

Most of our artists are in residence from mid-June until the close of the festival at the end of July, but accommodations of any length are greatly appreciated. You won't need to serve as chauffeur—we'll work out the transportation arrangements for rehearsals and performances (unless you also happen to have a car that isn't being used during SummerFest that we might borrow!) Artists may want to make some quick breakfast in the morning, but most of their meals are taken during rehearsal breaks.

Concerned about opening your home to a complete stranger you have never seen or heard? Don't be—choose a singer who appeals to you by viewing all our singers' photos and resumes before you make your choice! We'll be posting shortly detailed information on artists who need accommodations for SummerFest 2015. Please give us a call at 412-621-1499 if you might be  interested in being a host family for SummerFest 2015.